Monday, 29 July 2013

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Drove through Balcombe on Sunday having forgotten that it's become a centre of media attention due to fracking taking place there, and so, naturally Rent-A-Tramp have moved in to 'protest' at something or other and take a shit on the verges. Once past the large number of Police officers who are forced to be present, when they'd probably much rather be anywhere else, there would appear to be the usual selection of  hippy/hobo blokes who all look the bloody same...unwashed dreadlocks and dirty clothes, possibly called Moonbase Alpha, Swamp Pig, Tunnel Twat etc,  along with several heavily tattooed women called Derek, who decided to become lesbians when they realised they were too effing ugly to ever get a boyfriend. At least that's how it appeared to me, as I drove past quite quickly with the windows wound up. Its a shame for local people anywhere, that any realistic chance of having a protest listened to is pretty much ruined by the protestors themselves. Same thing wherever these workshy gits turn up, with their apparent aversion to soap, shoes made out of driftwood and birch bark underpants....

Found the most beautiful pair of walking stick handles...but unfortunately they were still alive and ran off.

And when you do get lucky, it's a flippin' doe...Doh!
 Though even if it was a buck, Fallow antlers make ridiculous walking sticks,
but are brilliant as ornate coat hooks. I think it's why god invented them.
Deer that is, not walking sticks. It's pretty much common knowledge that wooden coat hooks and walking sticks were invented by Jesus as part of his carpentry apprenticeship.

Haven't a clue.
Looked like a Haribo
Tasted like shit!

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