Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Sussex tick...but which one?

Slough to Climping at mach2 for a possible Sykes's Warbler this afternoon. Loads of photos and discussion on other sites and forums as to what it was, either a Sykes's or a Booted. Once it's sorted I'm happy either way as I've seen neither of them before. I'd like to think, based on what I saw that it was a Sykes's, but I could well be wrong, and probably am.

                             A couple of pics of the bird kindly given to me by Mick Davis.

Just as interesting and much more fun was meeting up with a whole load of some of my favourite Sussex birders. Had a really good laugh with some old faces that I've not seen for a while, as well as some of those that I see all the time.

Christopher Glanfield
Christopher Glanfield
Christopher Glanfield
Christopher Glanfield

Matt, Jake and Stu

John King, John Dodd and Dave Snellor

The mighty Mick Davis

Mick, George Kinnard and Daniel Booker
All in all a very enjoyable afternoon in brilliant company.
Was slightly saddened to notice that Justin Timberlake has really let himself go.

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