Friday, 30 August 2013


Are you one of a growing number of birders who like to tell the whole world about every single piece of crap you see, every single time you leave the f***ing house?
Are your finger muscles getting a bit sore, typing up the same old bird names, day after day, after day, after f***ing day?
If so, it could be that you are suffering from Repetitive Shit Strain, also known as Dross Fever.
This new keyboard has been developed to help you. Different formats are available and can be tailored to your specific 'special needs', whether you're, for example, on a Sussex headland, at a nature reserve or seawatching in Ireland etc etc.

Now, to aid with your insatiable need to produce endless meaningless lists, all your crap sightings can be typed up with a single click.
Alternatively, just keep it all in your notebook.

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